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The best time to act is usually Now

A Greek philosopher once said something along the lines of 'Give me a lever long enough and I will move the earth.' Time has that relationship to saving; the sooner you begin, the better. In other words, the longer the time 'lever', the better. Sometimes all it takes is a decision and an action to set up a direct debit that comes out of your account right after your income goes in. We can help with this. Whether it is saving towards retirement, for grandchildren who will be paying for education from age 18 or 19 onwards, or something else, please talk to us.

And what is a good figure to save, from your monthly income? Of course that depends. But many people find that that when they are shopping, or arranging other spend, 90p = £1. Not great maths or financially strictly accurate, but the principle is sound. You can usually get for £18 in your weekly shop if you are careful what you paid £20 for last week.

Saving can be for everyone - if not for you, then for a loved one, or a loved one's loved one, or a cause close to you. Please speak to us for advice on tax efficient savings, for ways to save that will allow you retain control, and above all, to help you get started.

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